Genesis Farm LLC
Contact: Ted and Jessica Bruns
Address: 32745 Road 769 Ogallala, Ne, 69513
Phone: 402-203-8738
About Us
Ted and Jessica Bruns established Genesis Farm LLC in 2017. We are blessed to farm along with our young children. Our certified organic farm is located near Ogallala, NE. We organically grow many grain crops. Nutritional integrity is important to us. At Genesis Farm we use biological and plant nutrition to produce quality food and grains.  We utilize soil health practices, soil testing, in-furrow biological fertility placement, and plant health testing.  We use Advancing Eco Agriculture (AEA) recommended biological and nutrition products to produce nutritional integrity food. Genesis Farm strives to grow quality products for consumers to enjoy in their own homes. In complying with the National Organic Program requirements, we have an annual inspection and audit. This takes several hours and the inspector reviews each crop from the seed purchased to planting and all the way to harvest. We keep detailed records for each field and crop grown. The inspector also reviews all fertility products used, which are required to be approved and OMRI listed.
USDA National Certified Organic

Regenerative, Cover Crops, Crop Rotation

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