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About Us
Having always loved to be in the kitchen, I leaped at the chance to purchase and move a commercial kitchen to my back yard. Starting small and adding to my inventory slowly over time has allowed me to stay at home with my children and dogs.

I am a single mom with 3 children that has always loved to be in the kitchen and cook. In June of 2022 I took the scary step of putting my creations out for others. I started in a rented commercial kitchen of one of my friends. Different frozen casseroles and meals were on the menu. In fall of 2022 the opportunity came up for me to purchase a 16x24 building with a commercial kitchen in it. That has since been moved to my backyard and I am loving it being out my back door. Over time ranch dressing, homemade yogurt, sauerkraut, and kombucha have been added to the list. My dream of being self-supporting in my kitchen only while being a homemaker is coming true one step at a time.