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Whitewater Beef
Contact: Matt & Audra Allen
Address: 540 Three Mile Drive Sutherland , NE, 69165
Phone: 402-203-8738
About Us
Founded in 1884, Whitewater Ranch rests in the rolling Sandhills of Nebraska, one of the most precious ecosystems in the world. For seven generations, we’ve raised our families and our cattle on this vast, unbroken stretch of prairie and wetlands. Our pasture-raised cattle flourish across pristine grasslands in the Nebraska Sandhills — an environment uniquely suited for the production of healthy, nutrient-dense, flavorful meat. We’re proud to offer our locally-raised, grass-fed, grain-finished beef direct to consumers.

Whitewater Ranch is a multi-generational, family-owned, and operated production agricultural enterprise. Since the inception of our ranch, our herds have been carefully developed to the highest quality by sound management, progressive breeding, and nutritionist-guided, performance-based feeding. Utilizing generational experience along with modern knowledge of Ag Economics, Ag Business, and Animal Science from the University of Wyoming, Whitewater’s team of cattlemen and women passionately provide consumers with the highest quality beef these Sandhills can viably support. As ranching professionals, we take seriously the maintenance of our grasslands and wetlands.

Practicing responsible grass and soil management, we aggressively combat naturally occurring wind and water erosion and our lands flourish under careful stewardship. With minimal interference, our team manages our herds on horseback with generations of working cowboy ethics. This Beef Care and BQA-certified management style produce optimal conditions for low stress translating to premium gains for our cattle herds. For seven generations our family has progressively and responsibly produced more pounds of beef animal protein per acre while utilizing fewer natural resources than ever before.
CARE certified, Age and Source Verified, Rotational Grazing systems utilizing Native Sandhills grasses.
Our home raised beef is grass fed and long time grain finished on corn locally grown in Lincoln County. Our beef is dry aged 14-21 days after harvesting and sealed in premium vacuum packaging which is done at one of our artisan USDA certified butchers.