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Heritage Acres
Contact: Chris Sandberg
Address: 70599 Road 353 Stratton, NE, 69043
Phone: 402-203-8738
About Us
We are a southwest Nebraska family that loves hard work, each other, and farm life... preferably all at the same time. Our families have been in farming & ranching for generations and we both grew up on working farms. Over the past two decades, we have re-homesteaded our own small slice of heaven…improving the farm, the land, and ourselves in the process. We live on a vintage-style, working farm complete with cows, chickens, small orchard, & large garden.

We raise grain-finished beef: wonderful, buttery smooth steaks & well-marbled roasts. Using intensive, rotational grazing and cover crops, we work with the cattle to regenerate this land we've been blessed with. Our artisan beef is grain-finished in small batches producing a taste profile & marbling that is premium.

Along with these cattle, wheat & forage are grown on our cropland. We also pasture hens to produce a nutrient-dense egg, and raise pastured poultry and open-air pork.
No Hormones or Steroids
Hormones or steroids are never administered to animals. (The FDA does not allow the use of hormones in the production of pork or poultry.)

Never Fed Drugs or Antibiotics
Our natural production practices eliminate the need for sub-therapeutic (daily fed low-level dose) medications that are commonly used in confinement production systems. However, in certain cases to prevent animals from death or suffering we do allow for limited use of therapeutic (spot treatment) medication. In such cases, the prescribed withdrawal period is doubled before animals are ever harvested. We feel that this exception is only practical to ensure wise stewardship practices and ethical treatment of our livestock.

Pasture Raised
As the seasons allow, animals are raised in the open pasture or field.

Winter Housed
To raise our high-quality meat, animals are seasonally accommodated during winter.

Grass Raised/ Grain Finished
Animals that were raised primarily on the grass in pastures & open fields and then finished on grains.