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Sky Chief Springs LLC
Contact: Sara Brubacher
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Phone: 402-203-8738
About Us
Sky Chief Springs is a historic community-centered homestead outside Cambridge, NE. Sara is a Clinical Herbalist who grows produce, greens, and culinary and medicinal herbs all naturally and on a small scale.
The Brubacher family purchased Sky Chief Springs in 2021 and are working to revitalize this beautiful and unique property. Named after Sky Chief of the Pawnee Nation due to its use as a major campsite on their summer buffalo hunts, it has a 100 year old granite monument dedicated to him. It has continued as a community gathering place throughout its history with a band stand, skating rink, golf course, filling station on the original Hwy 6, fishing ponds and pumpkin patches for the children, and more. It hosts active springs, native prairie, ancient cottonwoods, grass pasture, and a field stone barn. In addition to fresh produce and herbs, we currently offer a wedding ceremony venue and educational workshops, and soon Sara will be opening a Herbal Clinic.

Everything is grown naturally, using no chemicals and only organically certified pesticides when absolutely needed. Permaculture and regenerative techniques of inter-planting crops, increasing soil health and providing pollinator and beneficial insect habits make the farm a beautiful place to visit and the produce delicious and packed full of nutrients.

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