The Prairie Garden
Contact: Lonetta Zimmerman
Address: 76135 Road 339 Madrid, NE, 68150
Email Address:
Phone: 402-203-8738
About Us
The Prairie Garden is located on a bit of prairie in the southwest corner of Nebraska. We are pretty passionate about small scale farming and providing fresh, nutritious food for our community. Life is too short to eat flexible cucumbers and wilted salad greens. True health comes from eating the best kind of food.

We grow responsibly and believe that pesticides and herbicides are damaging to the environment and human health. Even though the farm isn't certified organic, we grow using organic practices. Weeds are controlled by cultivation, stale seed bedding, soil solarization, and hand weeding. Each year we take soil samples and add naturally occurring fertilizers and amendments. Healthy soils grow healthy vegetables!

Want to come see for yourself? We love to show our community how their food is grown, but prefer if you contact us first to make an appointment. We're a working farm and we gotta keep planting those seeds.